Monday, October 31, 2011

the whole30, day twenty-four

Today is Day 24 on the Whole30 for me, but it's also Halloween for many more. We struggled a bit with our desire to continue an enjoyable tradition and the knowledge that it's really a pretty nasty thing to do to children. I am ashamed to say that tradition won out over common decency. Hopefully, by next year, I will have figured out a way to enjoy the fun without all the sugar and gook.

We have family visiting on most Halloween evenings, and this one was no exception. I made beef stew yesterday and slowly reheated it with a whole cauliflower in the middle of the pot. Fortunately, we all like cauliflower. I also roasted a chicken for good measure, but made nothing to serve with it. Gee, a freshly roasted chicken leg is good on its own. It just needs a napkin. We also had curried bean soup as a vegetarian option. I suppose it goes without saying that the bean soup was for others. Oddly, it seemed about as bad to serve bean soup as to pass out the candy bars.

The day has been long, and I am seriously ready for bed. I promise to do better next Halloween.

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