Monday, October 17, 2011

whole30, day ten

Yes! It's really Day 10. I must admit I'm feeling pretty proud of myself, too. So far, so good, and so easy to stick to it. Sometimes I remember the saying, "Nothing tastes as good as healthy feels," though for the most part it's really just become habit so quickly.

At home this is made much easier by the elimination of anything that I might accidentally put in my mouth without thinking, foods or drinks that would normally be in my already pretty restricted diet that are no-goes on the Whole30. I didn't throw them away, mostly just froze or put them where I don't normally look for food or ingredients.

At school, my work, it's not quite as cut and dried. There's always an obstacle course of food and drink. Today, we had a breakfast potluck for Boss's Day, which was actually yesterday, but we don't work Sundays here. My first inclination is always to beg off when presented with a potluck announcement. I can't eat anything others bring, usually, and when I've tried, the results are often disastrous for me. Sometimes, like today, I feel a bit too awkward just saying no. I'm afraid it will sound like I'm blowing off the boss or being uppity with my coworkers. So this weekend I made a large batch of breakfast sausage from Paleo Comfort Foods, cooked them just before work, and participated. Virtually everything else is off-limits for me, though the person who brought scrambled eggs made a bowl without salt or pepper just for me. I use salt and pepper, but the thought was nice, and I don't expect others to commit my diet to memory, anyway.

I stay safe at work most of the time by having foods that I really, really like available in the refrigerator there. My big concession during my workday is using the microwave. I am not a fan. I didn't have one in the house for years and probably wouldn't now if I could get GK to go along with it. At school I've been using the microwave lately just to make it a little easier at lunch here. Somehow a salad every single day wasn't working for me. I've got to think of a better solution soon.

Today is also the day that Whole9's new rule to be introduced for the Whole30 5.0. I haven't purchased the 4.0 plan; I've just been using the vast amount of information available on their website. I plan to order the new survival guide, though. Its being published while I'm in the midst of my first run at this also feels a bit like an omen. I love the idea of omens, good ones anyway.

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