Tuesday, January 1, 2013

ah, a new year

There's something about a new year that delights me. The promise, the possibility, the very newness of it. I love New Year's Day. And I especially love this one.

Looking back on 2012, I can, but won't, recount far more negative than positive in those 12 months. That's not to say nothing good happened in 2012. In the world, in my personal life as well, I see much to appreciate. It's just that so much of 2012 does not fall into that category. 2013 is all ahead.

I woke this morning startled by my own focus for the day. I want to clean my kitchen---top to bottom, and more reorganizing and optimizing than cleaning. Still, I want it squeaky clean, as well. This is not like me. It's not that I'm a fan of dirty kitchens or anything else for that matter. It's just that it's not my focus. I've often mentioned that I am the mess-maker extraordinaire and GK has kindly volunteered to take care of the cleaning. This is a delightful arrangement that works quite well for the most part. What I do give up is control. When he puts dishes, utensils, cookware, foods away, he decides where they are to go. It's a matter of practicality, of course. But when I reach for a specific knife and find another in its place, my body tenses and I suppress (usually) a slight grumble. My tools should be where they belong, right? Not in my wildest, craziest dreams would I consider walk into "his" garage and moving so much as a screw. And back on the kitchen end, you don't even want me to start on the frustration of spending twice as long looking for ingredients that have been moved as I spend making the dish I'm cooking. So today is kitchen "cleaning" day, and for a little while at least, I'll be able to find things in my kitchen.

It was easy to get his commitment  to help. It's pretty rare for me to ask for a day devoted to cleaning. When I do, I get cooperation, muscle-power, and encouragement. All the time, of course, he's in utter disbelief that I've said "let's clean." It's the best of all worlds for me and a most wonderful way to start a new year.