Sunday, October 23, 2011

whole30, day sixteen

Today begins the second half of my Whole30 experience. The food choices are easy and tasty, which I don't mind in the least. I'm cooking a bunch today getting ready for the work week ahead. My plan is to grill some chicken and a rack of lamb, though I will have to get over wanting to take a nap in order to get that done.

Yesterday I started two pots of broth, one chicken and one a beef and lamb combo. I am not too sure I like simmering broth in crock pots all night. Our experience is that it did not make for a restful night. Garlic and meat are not on par with ocean breezes when it comes to creating a restful ambiance. But at least today we have lots of broth, and I've spent a bit of the day straining it and putting it in mason jars for the freezer. I finally got smart and moved my almost-never used P-Touch into the kitchen. Why haven't I done this before? It's so nice to not only have broth in the freezer but also know what it is and when it got there. In the past, I've stared at jars trying to decide if I was looking at a frozen fruit juice or fish stock.

As with so many practices that involve specifics or limitations of any kind, I've found it critical to not let myself get too hungry. That may sound a bit silly, but it's so easy to do when your mind is elsewhere or your day is busy. As much time as I spend in the kitchen and around food or writing about food, I can sometimes forget to eat. Breakfast this morning was eggs over easy, his were scrambled, with sauteed green pepper, red onions, and mushrooms, topped with sliced tomatoes. I forgot about lunch. Didn't cross my mind until I was getting grumpy and whiny. That I have to work on.

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