Friday, October 14, 2011

the whole30, day seven

Wow! After today I will have completed one full week on the Whole30. I know it's only seven days out of a lifetime, but right now it feels pretty good. I thought the hardest part would be forgoing our wine ritual each evening, though that has not been much of an issue. I pour a glass of water when I get home from work and don't even think it. As far as I can tell, it's not an issue for GK either. After I confirmed that his having a drink doesn't hurt my feelings in the least, he does or doesn't as the mood strikes. It's always been more of a quiet, social, sharing ritual anyway, not a let's get tipsy as quickly as possible thing.

I have realized that I do have to do more than be conscious of ALL the rules of the game, I need to follow them, follow all of them. The phrase "tons of vegetables" registered with my brain but did not quite make it into practice until late yesterday. That was when I realized something was amiss. I was feeling sluggish and achy, and looking as though I could be several months pregnant. This was not the plan. Nor did it last long after I took action and included vegetables, lots and lots of vegetables in the last couple of meals. Funny thing is I love vegetables; I was just ignoring them, unfortunately.

Lunch in under 5 minutes, really.

Last night's dinner and today's lunch are both big salads, one of my all-time favorite meals. When I bring a salad to work, I layer it all in a bowl, then shake or stir when it's time to eat. I start with the dressing: a little lemon juice or vinegar (usually lemon juice), a bit of chopped onion and garlic, a pinch of sea salt, and a splash or two of whichever olive oil I'm favoring that day. Sometimes I stir it, sometimes not. Onto this dressing, I'll drop a few slices of mushroom, possibly, avocado slices or chunks, tomatoes, steamed broccoli, if I have it, and chunks or shreds of turkey, chicken, boiled eggs, or beef. My favorite is rare steak, but I don't always have that at the ready. The ingredients vary depending on what's in the refrigerator. Occasionally, I'll pull a handful of cooked bay shrimp from the freezer and toss those in after a quick thaw. Snow peas are a pleasant addition but rare in my salads, since I don't keep them around regulary. All of this I top with a mound of lettuce: baby greens or romaine or butter or leaf, whatever sounds good (and is available) at the time. It takes less, often way less, than 5 minutes to pull this together, and it's always a treat at lunch-time. That is if it makes it to lunch-time. This sometimes becomes breakfast. Another plus, by the way, is if something comes up and you don't have time for a salad at lunch or it just doesn't fill the bill when you're ready to eat, it will keep a day or two. Because of the layering, your lettuce will not have turned to a soggy, oily mass in the bowl.
The salad pictured above, all ingredients layered and waiting, ready to be turned onto a plate.

Today, salad in the refrigerator at school, enough rest and enough veggies last night, I'm feeling pretty good. Yay! Almost one week down. For those of you still on the fence, why not jump in today. We don't have to be on the same day or week to share and encourage on another. And to those of you who have started but are a bit shy about adding your two-cents, tell us how you're doing or share a favorite recipe.

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