Tuesday, October 25, 2011

whole30, day eighteen

I know my vocabulary must be sorely lacking when I want to start every post with "Wow!" That seems to be the one word that comes to mind each time I start to write. Today is Day 18. I'm still pumped. I'm still eating well, very well, in fact. I am starting to be more and more convinced that I may be one of those people whose body may take longer than thirty days to heal. Maybe we all take longer; of that I'm not sure. Whole9 does not say in 30 days all will be right with the world. They do say it will change your life, and of that I have no doubt.

It's been just two and one-half weeks, and I'm noticing major changes in my attitude toward many things. I do not have sugar demons to battle or a lot of weight to lose, but the issues I have are significant. I spend much of my days in pain, pain directly or indirectly related to digestion and elimination. That is lessening to be sure, though it is not completely gone. Given that, it is mind-boggling to me that I would want to put anything in my body that does not promote health, yet I have done just that for years. Spicy foods, fine wine, good Scotch or bourbon, pungent cheeses are all things I think of and smile. I do not, at least as of today, think of most of them anymore as things I really want to consume. I do hope one day to be able to handle hot and spicy again, but I'm giving myself lots of healing time first. I haven't so much as tasted a bite of cheese in over a year, but I have a good memory. Wine I haven't decided about, maybe a glass of something very good on a special occasion or Champagne for a celebration, but I do not see wine as part of my daily life anymore.

The food part of this 30 days remains pretty easy. Breakfast and lunch today consisted of rib chops cut from the tiny rack of lamb I grilled on Sunday. I have had about one piece of fruit a day for awhile, many organic apples since they're in season. I am not usually much of a fruit eater, and I think this may be too much for me, so I'm ignoring the apples for awhile. Dinner tonight is salmon, salad, and vegetables if I stick with the plan, but who knows. Plans and I do not have such a great affinity.

My next big challenge is not a dietary one. I have never found an exercise I like, but I'm still looking, so, hopefully, that will be in the cards.


  1. I have been thinking a lot about exercise lately too - I finally have the energy for it! I love how your recommendation for "Paleo Comfort Foods" has led me down this new happy path... I feel so much better even though I'm not doing the Whole30 with you, I'm doing Paleo for about the same number of days now. And it's GOOD.

  2. I am so glad you liked that book. I did and do, of course, but we each have distinct and diverse tastes. I search out avocado oil (which used to be easier to find) just to try their take on mayonnaise. I'm glad, too, to hear you're on a Paleo path. Let me know what exercises you're enjoying.


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