Wednesday, October 19, 2011

whole30, day twelve

Initially, my plan was to take a day off from posting, thereby, having more to say, but I simply can't resist. This continuity in examination and self-awareness is very helpful for me, so I do hope if it's becoming tedious, you'll forgive me.

I'm still battling a bit with digestive issues, though they are not as intense today, at least not so far. I'll keep my fingers crossed, toes, too, I think. I'm holding onto the explanation that this is part of the reset process. I'm told the gut needs to heal and recover from the torment of not-so-healthy eating habits. Sadly, as is the case for many of us, some of that distress has come from foods that were deemed healthy and desirable by both mainstream nutritionists and well-meaning advisers. If I never hear the term "healthy whole grains" again, I'll be one happy girl, though I know better than to expect that.

Overall, things are much better for me on Day 12. I still can't step on the scale or measure, of course, but I also can't help but notice that my clothes are fitting differently. Yay! I'm starting to notice bones where I forgot they existed. My energy levels are also better, though not where I hope they'll be in another week or two. It feels almost intoxicating. Other than the whole bathroom scale issue, I feel no limitations whatsoever with the rules of Whole30. This in itself is surprising since I have been accustomed for some time to wine in the evening. It's an odd situation for me in many ways. I really do enjoy wine very much, but today as I sit here, I cannot imagine returning to a regular wine ritual. That is not to say that I never plan to have another glass of wine. I have some very nice ones picked out for our family Thanksgiving dinner. I simply don't see it becoming a routine. Now that I think of it, this alone should save us tons of money---another positive outcome of the Whole30.

Last night's dinner was bone-in rib eye steak, steamed broccoli, and simple green salad with a garlic, red wine vinegar, and olive oil dressing. This is not low calorie, and it's not deprivation. While we don't have steak for dinner every night, we also do not have "diet" meals, ever. We're working out the details as we go. It's fun and exciting, really. Though for full disclosure, I must admit that all this food conversation captivates GK a little less than it does me, but he does not complain about the food.


  1. we are on such similar journeys Pamela! I love reading your daily progress! Please keep posting and I'll be sending my best wishes your way for the tummy distress to disappear. I can't wait to see how the next two weeks go for you. I've had two days of ALMOST completely paleo. I ate a little chocolate today, so not completely paleo, but other than that, I'm really sticking with the food plan. I feel so good about it! I'm even going to really try to make sure we follow this on our vacation as well. We're making all of our meals!

  2. Thanks, Carrie. I do love how journeys do seem to converge from time to time. Good luck on your Paleo efforts. I find it easier to follow if I have really good safe food around. It's so hard just to say no to yourself; it's nice to have some tasty "yes" foods.
    Have a wonderful vacation. Eat fun food.

  3. I really like the comment you made above! It really does made things easier to be prepared. My husband really likes his (nonpaleo) snacks, so that's essential for me.
    I've been paleo-ish (lacto-paleo?) for the past 6 weeks or so, and it's been really great! I saw Irish Paleo's post about a Whole-30 challenge and am thinking of starting today. Dinner last night included chocolate AND wine, so it's a good day to start fresh. :) IF you don't mind I'll follow your progress, and if you have a chance, I'm starting a 30-day food blog and would welcome a visit.


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