Monday, October 10, 2011

the whole30, day three

My first inclination had been to post each day, a kind of diary of these 30 days. Yesterday, Day 2, I thought better of it or copped out, one of those. I could come up with all sorts of good, honest reasons, though none would probably address the root of it. I am not yet sure myself.

Yesterday, Day 2, was a crazy busy day. We started the day with egg muffins similar to those from Paleo Comfort Foods. I cooked - lots, cleared out over 20 years' accumulation of mostly unused storage containers, shopped to be sure we had appropriate food for the next 28 days, visited my mom, sorted tupperware with my daughter and son-in-law, and as the day was winding down, really wanted a small glass of wine and a chance to relax with GK and talk. Uh, I don't think so. No wine for me for the next month. Then, out of nowhere it seemed, I felt really cranky and agitated. The day was pretty, no one was giving me a bad time - quite the contrary. Yikes, I'd heard people sometimes get angry at some point, but this was day 2, and I made such minor changes. Who'd have guessed?

I went to bed about 7PM with a sinus headache and achy feet. Okay, true, the results are not supposed to come on day 2; I know that. Okay, I sort of know that but always hope for miracles. What the heck. Oh, I should mention the Facebook comment from my brother the vegetarian telling me I was rapidly, singlehandedly wiping out the animal population and admonishing me to slow down. So on that note, I went to sleep knowing I must be doing something right.

Today is much better. No achy feet, sinuses not too bad, and lots of paleo food options in the fridge. Breakfast was braised short ribs. Lunch is leftover (I love leftovers!)  turkey with broccoli and mushrooms. I'm feeling kind of jazzed still, but then this is only Day 3. I mean, Yay! I've made it to Day 3.

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  1. "Breakfast was braised short ribs". That's awesome! :)


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