Thursday, October 27, 2011

whole30, day twenty

Day 20! I can hardly believe it. Two thirds of the way through my 30 days, or at least I will be at day's end.

I have found eating this way much less restrictive than I'd expected. The only times it's really been a concern is when I'm very tired or very hungry. The combination is awful. My only defense in those cases is to have food ready and waiting. When I've neglected that, it's a real problem, though. My recommendation for anyone on this program or contemplating it is that you stay prepared. I could also add don't get tired or hungry, but that is harder to manage, I imagine.

As I've often mentioned, my approach to any program is to look closely at the foods that fit, find the ones I  LOVE from that list, and remove or hide everything else. I can usually open my refrigerator and find at least a few choices of food I like that likes me. Without that to fall back on, I'd be a goner, I'm afraid. That's not to say my fridge is filled with lobster and foie gras. My favorite vegetables, avocados, eggs, cooked chicken or beef or fish get me through the day. I like to keep a few home made composed salads on hand, too. Beet salad is a favorite. This time of year, I also have apples and pomegranates, though I don't eat much fruit. Onions, garlic, sweet potatoes keep well at room temp and make all sorts of dishes possible on a whim. I also like to have frozen shrimp and canned tuna to drop on a salad on occasion. We are big fans of sardines, as well. Having a few cans in the pantry can make dinner a snap. That's what I eat, and, of course, everyone will have their own favorites. Mine will make some turn away in disgust.

Whether you're doing this program or another or are chosing foods at will, I do hope you'll avoid those that don't excite you. There are enough really good foods, whatever the diet or budget, that none of us should be chocking down foods and flavors we truly can't stand for the sake of health or dress size.

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