Tuesday, October 18, 2011

whole30, day eleven

The This is starting out as one of those days that I'd like to skip. Wouldn't it be nice sometimes to fast-forward through the work and get to the result? While we may not appreciate it as much as if we worked for it, what the heck, we'd still be there. That's where I am today, still struggling with digestive issues and not knowing if I've eaten something I shouldn't have (not likely as I'm obsessive with that) or it's just my body adjusting or something else entirely. I will be so very glad to move past this.

Today for lunch, I have a simple salad of mixed greens, avocado, olive oil, and fresh lemon juice to be topped with a halibut fillet. It was quick and easy to prepare. I was feeling pretty lazy this morning. In fact, I used a frozen piece of halibut and let it thaw as it lightly browned. That may not be the best way to cook a piece of fish, but it works when throwing lunch together before running out the door for work. Two things were on my side with this sloppiness. For one, the halibut was from Vital Choice Seafoods, and their fish is wonderful. And two, I used, as I usually do, their Salmon Marinade, a wonderful blend of seasonings which is definitely good with more than just salmon. It's a dry mix that you combine with a bit of olive oil, or whichever oil you prefer, and rub on the fish. Clarified butter might work well here.

Clarified butter has just been added to the approved foods list for the Whole30, which amounts to a major rules change. I am anxious to check it out soon. This includes one of the most specific requirements I've seen so far. The butter must be organic, must be from pastured cows, and must be clarified to remove milk solids and water and leave only the butter fat. I love it! One of my favorite things to do is to play with ingredients like this. I have some Kerrygold butter and some Organic Valley pastured butter, so as soon as I feel a little better, I'm clarifying it. I'll probably do them separately just to compare. I, personally, have not used butter at all in over a year and will approach this cautiously, for sure. I will also wait until I have no other physical issues in the way of a critical observation. Still, I'm excited.

If you have any interest in the Whole30, check it out here. And if you're doing it or thinking about doing it, please comment here. Let us know how it's going.

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