Saturday, October 15, 2011

the whole30, day eight

Today starts week 2; I'm getting a bit excited about that. It's not that I didn't think I could stick with this, or at least I don't think it is. It's just fun to watch the days and now weeks (well, week) begin to add up. I'm sure hoping that they're adding up to a healthier body and approach to food. That is, of course, the goal.

A thing of the past? I hope not.

In the meantime, I'm becoming quite conscious of how I react to specific foods. That's a definite plus. Actually, the consciousness is a plus; I'm not so sure I'd say that about what I've become conscious of. When I eat eggs often, especially when they are the main component of a meal (like when I scramble four eggs in a bit of oil for breakfast), I've started getting serious stomach aches.  I don't have to live on eggs, of course. It's just that they're quick, easy, readily available, and relatively inexpensive. They're my go-to choice when I haven't planned anything for breakfast, which I usually make at home and take to work to eat at my desk. I'm not yet convinced that I need to shy away from eggs completely, but I'm pretty sure it would make sense to eat fewer or have them less often. The jury is still out, but the evidence is adding up.

I've already stopped eating most spicy foods. This, too, I hope will be a short-lived restriction. It's definitely not a requirement of the Whole30, rather, it's another one of those pain-inducing realities I've begun to notice. Hopefully, with this 30 day rest, my system will welcome heat and spice once more. I am, sadly, aware that this may not be the case, but I sure will be sad indeed.

Today, the weather is nice here, so I plan to BBQ a little later in the day. Making up for my sacrifice of eggs and spice for a bit, I'm planning to indulge in a steak dinner that, I hope, will carry over to tomorrow's breakfast. Lots of salad and a few green vegetables should round out most of the day. On Saturdays, GK usually has lunch with a few of his friends, so I make it a pampering day for myself. Sometimes that includes making myself a really decadent lunch and sometimes just messing around in the kitchen. Today, I'm thinking a special lunch is in order, though I haven't decided exactly what. I'm leaning toward a seafood salad.

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