Saturday, October 29, 2011

the whole30, day twenty-two

Three weeks down and beginning week four as of today. It's hard to believe. I'm thrilled to report that for the last day or two, I have not noticed any stomach pain at all. That is seriously exciting, as it has been a very, very long time since I could say that. I'm beginning to wonder if I would ever want to add back any of the foods and drinks I've eliminated to do the Whole30. Why?

Okay, maybe I'll try something like almond-flour biscuits and wine on a special occasion. Maybe. I am very glad that Whole9 includes suggestions for transitioning after the Whole30 in their Success Guide. I did the first two weeks without purchasing it, reading their directions, manifestos, and many, many pages of comments and questions. When I knew I was sticking with the challenge (I have kind of a poor track record with such things,) I decided to order the Success Guide. That was also just about the time that Version 5.0 was introduced, so I had added incentive. They're right; one can totally do this reading the information they provide free on their website. It takes time, of course, but the info is there at no cost. They are also right that the Success Guide has everything you could likely ask for in an easily accessible format. The shopping pages are very nice to print and carry with you.