Thursday, October 13, 2011

the whole30, day six

Is it really Day 6 already? This is certainly getting easier, though I still look longingly at my bathroom scale each day. I am seriously weird when it comes to scales. It's almost automatic, somehow, to step on that silly scale throughout the day. If I lived alone and were the only one using it, I would put it in a closet for a few weeks. Still, I suppose I should count myself lucky that it's the scale and not potato chips that call to me. I do hope it goes without saying that I am avoiding the scale, no matter how tempting, for these 30 days.

Food, however, is lots more fun. Since I roasted a turkey breast and braised lots of short ribs over the weekend, they are on hand for quick and sometimes creative meals. For breakfast this morning I scrambled two eggs with a few chunks of the short ribs and some of their cooking liquid, which had onion and garlic along with salt, pepper, and thyme. This I took to work to eat at my desk as I organized my morning schedule. I am lucky to be able to do that. It makes it an easy transition from home to work. Lunch today is leftover (my favorite word!) roasted sweet potatoes and turkey breast. Tonight the plan is to roast some broccoli to serve with a simple protein, though I haven't decided exactly which protein. That's one wonderful advantage of a freezer.

I know soon I need to work on a little more diversity in my diet. A wider range of foods and more vegetables is my goal for the next week or so. Right now I'm thrilled to be on track and still excited by the prospects of this 30 days.

If this sounds interesting, consider joining us. You can jump right in any time, any time of day. Check out the details here at the Whole30. And when you do, comment and let us know how you're doing. And to my so far silent partners, how is it going for you?

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  1. Well, the best made plans...I think today I must have hit some sort of overload with the protein end of my food choices. I knew I hadn't been including enough vegetables but ignored it till I no longer could. This afternoon I felt tired and too full and just icky overall. Tonight's dinner was designed to start making up for that. We had large salads of baby greens with mushrooms, red onion, avocado, lightly steamed broccoli, a few cherry tomatoes, and a simple vinegar and olive oil dressing. It was perfect.


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