Wednesday, June 29, 2011

cooking for the pup

As if food preparation around our house wasn't complicated enough, we've decided to start making all the food for our four-year-old Frenchie, Coco. Coco has several allergies, and it seems every time we find a workable, albeit expensive, dog food, the company discontinues making it. 

I am surprised at how easy it may actually be. She's eating darned well, I might add. Recipes abound online and in books. We purchased organic supplements from our favorite high-end pet supply and service store in town and ordered what they didn't have from Amazon.

While Coco has several allergies, she doesn't seem to have a gluten problem. Since I do, she is gluten-free as well. I get welts just handling wheat. She is allergic to dairy products, so that was simple. What has surprised me is all the literature I've seen saying that variety is fine. I've heard for years and believed that she needed to eat the same food day in, day out. Not so, I'm now seeing from multiple reputable sources. Now, that makes my job easier.

Her first meals have been fun. She's eating Hearst Ranch grass-fed ground beef cooked with organic carrots and celery. I added some Lundberg organic brown rice to the second day's meals. We're taking it slow,  but so far, so good. She's cleaning her bowl and seems quite happy with my cooking. Updates to follow.

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  1. We are really enjoying this adventure. This morning before work I diced and simmered organic carrots, green beans, and celery, then added one and a half pounds grass-feed ground beef. It was such fun. Yes, I know I'm a food nerd but don't really care. I now have a great seaweed-based calcium and salmon oil supplement for the squirt. If you have pets, consider it.


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