Wednesday, June 15, 2011

temperatures rising

It's finally getting hot here, not nearly as hot as it will get this summer, but hot. So why I am I thinking about chili and soups and braised dishes of all sorts? This makes no sense. We need salads, lots of salads; I have wonderfully fresh, organic greens of all sorts in the fridge, and yet cold food does not sound appealing this week. Go figure.

It's not just me, either. GK still wants hot oatmeal for breakfast, so I make enough for several meals, and he reheats whatever he wants each day. My breakfasts, as is often the case, don't look like breakfast at all. In another life, it might have been cold pizza---okay, rewarmed pizza, it needed to ooze a bit. Now, breakfast is leftover steak or chili or sauteed squash with onions. Occasionally, I throw an egg on the top, only occasionally. Yesterday I nibbled on strips of rare steak at my desk all morning. The day before it seared ahi, again at my desk. Of course, this I have to do between students. Not everyone is so excited about almost raw flesh. Today, I'm thinking last night's stuffed squash will make a nice breakfast.

Speaking of the stuffed squash, my intention was to post pics and a recipe right away. I have, unfortunately, gotten a bit lazy. I'm blaming it on the heat. I'll get the recipe up this week. Just remember, if you decide to try this, it will heat up the kitchen and you a bit. But then that's what air conditioning is for.

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