Thursday, June 2, 2011

breakfast for dinner

Truth be known, I'm not really a great breakfast food fan. I enjoy well-cooked eggs, preferably poached and soft, an unusual omelet, perfectly cooked crispy hash browns, even home style potatoes sauteed with onions and peppers, but I can't really get excited about them. And cereals are something else again; they will never excite or attract me short of an alien invasion or alternate universe sort of experience. Still, GK is a breakfast nut. I mean REALLY a breakfast nut. So I do breakfasts. I do breakfasts pretty well.

Weekend mornings and some weekdays, as well, I make serious breakfasts. Once a week at least, I make a large pot of organic oatmeal with raisins for him. He eats it for days while I'm at work. But, other than the joy of making food someone else enjoys, it doesn't do much for me. I've tried gluten-free oats and they taste great. They just don't get along too well with my body.

But I digress. Today, I was inspired by Carrie Forbes,, she seems to love breakfasts. So tonight we had breakfast for dinner.

Even with inspiration, I'm still not a cereal fan, so our "breakfast" was the eggs and potatoes variety. I started with organically grown potatoes from, our local produce coop. After peeling and dicing them, I browned them in olive oil in a cast iron pan, adding red onion and green pepper, all from abundant harvest organics.

When it comes to eggs, we always go with organically raised eggs. It's going into your body. Don't count pennies here.

My eggs tonight were over easy, his were more playful. He can eat dairy, and I love to cook with it occasionally at least, so his was an omelet with mushrooms, shallots, and havarti cheese. It looked pretty good if I do say so myself.
 So what's the difference in breakfast and breakfast for dinner, not much. Well, maybe the choice of beverage.

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