Monday, November 7, 2011

the whole30, continued


While I am absolutely thrilled with completing my thirty days of the Whole30, I'm also not completely where I want to be health-wise. With this primary goal in mind, I'm sticking with the program, most parts of the program---yeah, I'm using my bathroom scale, for awhile. I'll let my body dictate how long.

Reading the information about transitioning after the Whole30, I became well aware that much of the testing and reintroduction of different foods is something I won't need to do. I have no intention of adding them into my diet. Before I started this, I didn't eat grains, dairy products, sugar, or legumes. Occasional natural sweetners, like actual stevia leaves from the herb garden, were just that, occasional. I am not a fan of sweet foods. Even wine is not of much interest to me these days. Though I have not ruled out having a glass of really good wine on special occasions, I don't see it becoming a regular part of my routine. I will probably add back a few of the "Paleo" versions of fun foods, like biscuits and such made of almond flour. These I rarely ate anyway, probably less than once a month, so I don't see that as much of an issue.
 Possibly, I may take a slightly more relaxed attitude toward some food, but I rather doubt it. I'm still narrowing the scope of foods I trust and shifting my emphasis even more from gourmet to impeccably fed and responsibly farmed. If I'm going to obsess, may it be in the direction of health for my family, the planet, and me. Right now and along similar lines,  I'm also obsessing about buying locally, which seems virtually impossible at the moment. More about that to come, most definitely.

My next posts will focus on holiday foods and advance preparation. I am a gravy fanatic, have finally mastered early preparation of most dishes for our absurdly massive Thanksgiving dinner, and look forward to sharing ideas. Since we serve traditionalists, vegetarians, and Paleo sorts at our house, this will include a variety of dishes I don't eat and rarely write about, but the emphasis will remain centered on Paleo, I hope.

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  1. At this point, I guess specifics really are in order, since I've spent over four weeks whining about not using a scale. I started the Whole30 weighing 134 pounds. As of this morning, I weigh roughly 127. That's over 5% of my body weight lost. Much more telling, though, is the way my clothes and shoes fit, or maybe I should say don't fit. Glad it's cold enough to wear socks. And I do have a couple pairs of slacks that I loved and couldn't bear to part with last year. They should fit about now.

    While weight loss was not my primary motivator, it's a fun fringe benefit.


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