Friday, November 18, 2011

small business saturday

I'm taking a bit of a break from Thanksgiving prep to invite everyone to one of my other favorite things this time of year, Small Business Saturday. Second only to governmental agencies, small businesses are the job creators and job sustainers that keep our economy going. The best way to sustain them is to do business with them regularly, and if not regularly, at least think of small businesses next Saturday, November 26.

These are a few of my favorite small businesses. I'll be adding more. Please add yours.
  • Russo's Books, Bakersfield
  • Planet Bambini (check out their Facebook page)
  • My Imaginary Boyfriend (check etsy)
  • The Blue Between (check etsy)
  • The Cookie Crock, Cambria
  • Felicity Watt Photography
  • Byrds' Eye View
  • 3 Rexes Jewerly (check etsy)

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