Thursday, April 5, 2012

i am such an (expletives deleted)

My post today will be short. Our prompt was delightful; I on the other hand, was not.

In my defense, today was not a normal day. I has amazing plans. Really. A super duper wonderful facial with Rhonda (who is next to impossible to book) plus a "Swiss Bliss" body wrap,  a few other cool body treatments and hair with Michelle. This is a great day for me. But, how is it that life keeps getting in the way?

Okay, cut to the chase, I got in my own way, but it took the entire day to realize that.

About an hour after getting up today, I noticed a very large lesion of some kind on my right forearm. I freaked. I do not freak. Although, clearly, I can no longer claim that. It's hard right now to give this story justice. For most of the day that should have been relaxing and wonderful, I worried that I may be faced with melanoma and chastised myself for hours spent in the tanning bed.

Gk went with me to my doctor's appointment this afternoon. He's a sweetie. I'm a baby. And I must add, I rarely go to doctors. I just freaked. This thing looked awful.

Turns out, it's a bruise. An odd looking sucker for sure. But a bruise none the less. Yay! Slight blush of embarrassment and on to the next foot in mouth adventure.

Tomorrow, I'll do better.


  1. OH no!! I'm so glad you're okay!! I would have freaked too!!! You have to take skin issues seriously, so I think you did the right thing! I'm glad things are okay and that you can now relax for the rest of the weekend!! :-)

  2. I feel like a real dummy, but I do appreciate the support. really, I'm normally not a panicker, and I avoid going to the doctor like you wouldn't believe. GK kept saying "I told you that." Men!

  3. Quit picking on my mommy! Carrie is right, you have to take skin issues seriously.


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