Friday, December 30, 2011

time for another whole30?

grass-fed beef, sauteed mushrooms with onions & garlic, fresh salad with lemon & olive oil---no sacrifice
I had not really planned on starting the new year with a Whole30 commitment. It's not like my diet is much different on a daily basis anyway. I still eat 99% clean in any given week, 100% in most. My only food indiscretion during the holidays was one piece of home-made divinity from my sister-in-law, Tara. BUT I have occasionally been having a glass of wine, sometimes two or three, and that's simply not working for me. I guess I really like or need the structure, though there really is little, and the sense of accountability that goes with saying I'm going to do something and following through.

While I don't necessarily plan to start this on January 1st or 2nd, it will most likely be the first week or two. We have a Las Vegas trip planned over the holiday weekend mid-month. It's for a CTA conference, and I'll have less control over food choices, so I've considered putting the Whole30 off. Problem is there's always something. New Year's Eve this week-end, Valentine's Day and my birthday (yay!) in February, Saint Patrick's Day in March, Easter in April---we do a HUGE Easter party. Every month has a reason not to commit. So what the hell? It may as well be January. And probably another 30 sometime in February with Carrie, Ginger Lemon Girl.

The thing about the Whole30 is that while it may be considered a strict plan, even rigid by some, it involves no sacrifice. Seriously, I don't see the sacrifice. I see wonderful food without the chemicals and GMOs and plastics or processed junk. Actually now, I'm starting to view this as an on-going, intermittent routine that could very simply keep me on track and feeling good. I do like the sound of that.


  1. definitely no sacrifice. You're going to have to start calling it "whole 365" or "whole life" though if you keep this up ;p

    I was just at the grocery store where they had samples and yummy smelling things in the bakery (which I don't even walk through any more) and there was this woman, walking fast out of there with a look of torture on her face "All this food... is killing me!" she said to her partner... um, yeah, it is... if you only knew how free it is to be without "all that food" and eating the good stuff that nourishes. And if she only knew she wouldn't even crave all that bakery food after a few weeks...

  2. It is pretty cool how the cravings go away. It seems so effortless; I guess it is as long as you just stick to the foods that work.


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