Saturday, September 17, 2011

okay, Paleo, it's a go

I don't really think of myself as impetuous or fool-hardy. I mean, I'm likely to deliberate for days, even weeks, about which darned coconut oil to buy. Something major, like a pair of shoes, could take months. Silly, I know, but I think most things through ad nauseam.

Somehow, though, I have this unfortunate tendency to go gung-ho into new ideas, theories, and concepts without thinking them through and without at least a brief side-step toward common sense. I have made some major, painful, and downright silly food mistakes this way. For instance, when I read The Belly Fat Cure, I thought, "This is great, and look at all the foods I can eat that I thought I couldn't!" And so I did. Problem was, as you can no doubt guess, whether those concepts are correct or not, they don't make my allergies go away. And they come with no pain-free window, no free trial. It doesn't matter that cheese is fine on a multitude of diet and eating plans. I like cheese, and I still have indelible memories of some of my favorites. I just can't eat it. Plain and simple, no fancy wrapping needed. And yet, I do so want to believe if the book says so, my body won't notice. I did the same thing with the multitude of gluten-free grains available. And then with sugar since many of the gluten-free recipes called for it. I can't eat grains. I can't eat sugar. I know better and yet... Sounds certifiable.

This time, as I have explored many of the different versions of a Paleo diet, I have worked ever so hard to try to avoid that pitfall. I read; I cooked; I ate; miraculously, I didn't get sick. I've decided Paleo works for me on a couple of levels. It's fairly easy to describe, which any of you who must follow a restricted diet know is crucial. It only includes real food. Even though many foods are considered okay by some and contraband by others, a thread of simple consistency runs through all. Simply put, eat what our Paleolithic ancestors might have eaten. Eat foods that could be eaten raw, even if you cook them. That includes most vegetables, fruits, meats, fish, natural fats. It does not include grains, dairy, plastics, GMOs, artificial anything, or recently invented conglomerates of any of those. Works for me, that's what I already eat, anyway, and thanks to Wheat Belly, GK is just about onboard.

So at this point, we're all in. Lest you fear this is all about eating live buffalo and pounds of lard, I promise you it's not. It's all I can do here not to include an "I wish!" but that would be misleading for sure. One of my favorite, and oh my gosh I now have many, Paleo-focused blogs and posts to read is Paleo Comfort Foods.
Paleo Comfort Food's country curry is a fun example of getting creative with this healthy and entertaining way of structuring meals. Check it out. And if it sounds interesting, buy their book. It's due to be released any day, hopefully today.

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