Thursday, May 26, 2011

what went wrong?

I must confess, I'm a little whiny tonight. I came home from work tired, had promised GK a really nice dinner (what was I thinking?), and had great hopes. I even took pictures! Yet, and obviously based on my title, it all went to---well, it didn't go so well.

A little background might be in order here. He really prefers vegetarian or near-vegetarian fare. I love vegetables, no problem there, but meat and fish are so much safer for me. I could probably live happily on rare steaks, breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Sure, I'd add a salad, maybe some grilled mushrooms and asparagus, but I would do quite well with the carnivorous fare. He would like cheese and bread and pasta and...mostly what I can't eat. To be fair, he does not complain unless it's meat every night for a week, but I know that he misses what he's not eating because of my issues.

So tonight I made pasta, rice pasta with a variety of local organic squash, mushrooms, onions, garlic, fresh peas (yes, I spent 20 minutes shelling fresh, organically grown peas.)
 I was so proud of myself. And it looked good.

Okay, it looked good for veggie pasta.

But it tasted a bit like paste. Salt didn't help. GK ate it and didn't complain. Of course, I complained enough for both of us.  At least there was wine. And grass-fed, humanely-raised meat in the freezer. Tomorrow is another day.

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